Modern web development becomes more and more important. The reason for this consists in the fact that nowadays the whole World Wide Web offers a wide range of innumerable websites and web presences. Strictly speaking everybody has the possibility to create a simple website – for instance by means of the content management system WordPress. In this context it has to be mentioned that creating a website does not require profound technical knowledge. Just by studying a few tutorials everyone is able to launch his or her own website. Because of the fact that the internet provides a great variety of web presences it turns out to be important to set one’s own website apart from the others – for example by means of an outstanding web design or a fully-functional modern web development.

Let’s have a look at the search giant Google: At first sight it can easily be recognized that Google only consists of its logo and a search input field. Fact is that there are no other elements that could possibly detract the user from searching for a specific thing. In this context it can be said that the website of Google is the best example for a simple but modern web development and web design. In the last few years there was no need to change the simple structured entry page of Google – this because of the fact that users simply like the simple design of Google and prefer working with Google without any disturbing and distracting side elements.