As already mentioned on the welcome page the Open Design Alliance, which is formerly known as OpenDWG, is a non-profit association consisting of both software developers and different software companies. Software developers as well as software companies are members of the Open Design Alliance focusing the general exchange of open industry-standard formats. Furthermore, the group of ODA members develops both certain standards for very particular data formats, strictly speaking for so-called CAS data formats, and software libraries. These software libraries are characterized to have high, professional and extraordinary quality and do enable all ODA members to develop essential and very useful applications. In other words: We are talking about applications that do offer the possibility to write and read the DWGdirect and DGNdirect CAD file formats.

But what exactly means the term “software library”? In computer science, the single term “library” means a special collection of classes and / or subroutines that are essential to develop software. Strictly speaking so-called software libraries do contain code as well as data that offer services to other, often independent, programs. This process makes it possible to share data and / or change data and code in a modular fashion. Adapted data or the fully adapted software library can be uploaded again and is then available for downloads for every ODA member.

As already mentioned software libraries can be modified and upgraded by interesting and useful features as well as functions. After this process ODA members do have the possibility to upload the new version of the software library and make it available for other software developers and software companies. Consequently they do get the chance to download a new version of a software library with useful features and functions in order to use it for personal software development ideas.

But how do I get informed about modified and upgraded software libraries including new features and functions? Strictly speaking there is a separate news area, a so-called news and information community that enables ODA members to get continuously informed about the latest softwarenews. This news area provides daily updated information about new or modified software libraries including features, functions and new modules. Often ODA members do upload software libraries that do have bugs and do not perform properly. In this case there is always somebody who knows to remove the respective bugs and to consequently upload the error-free version of the software library. Such processes are also documented within the news area. Often interesting discussions get started which gives ODA members the possibility to ask questions about bugs, new functions, features, modules, applications and different versions of software libraries.

This process enables ODA members to share their own software libraries with other interested members. Besides, this kind of principle makes it possible to exchange knowledge, ideas and general know-how considering software libraries. So-called dynamic libraries do always get more popular because of the fact that they provide some form of sharing which allows the same library to be used by a variety of different programs at the same time.