Every application area has its specific software tools as well as software libraries. As already mentioned within the article before, a software library represents a program that does contain both code and data. Strictly speaking we are talking about special code and data that do offer services to other, in most cases independent, programs. Consequently this process presents the possibility to share and change code as well as data in a so-called modular way. Based on software libraries like these, companies can develop huge numbers of different and profound tool sets for a variety of multifarious application areas.

In this context it has also to be stressed that different application areas do focus different tools. For instance there exists a wide range of graphical and CAD applications as well as marketing and software development tool sets to measure variable and diverse indexes.

Apart from a great number of rather general software tools there do exist more interesting and specialized software libraries. We want to present two exemplary tool sets focusing the application areas of Web Development and Online Marketing:

Online Marketing Tool Set: Within the online marketing sector a huge number of online marketing tools has been developed and successfully established in the course of the last few years. So there exists a wide range of different tool sets for every online marketing purpose. With regard to search engine optimization it can be said that within this area it proves to be very essential and necessary to work with profound and specialized online marketing tools. Consequently it is possible to analyze one’s relevant keywords and keyword positions, important competitors as well as backlinks and other necessary key factors / indexes. In case of having the intention to establish multiple and comprehensive AdWords campaigns, specific AdWords Agencies (in German: AdWords Agentur) do work with specialized tool sets. Furthermore many Online Marketing Agencies which are called Online Marketing Agentur in German develop their own tool sets that are based on frameworks and software libraries.

Web Development Tool Set: In the context of the so-called web development sector there are different application areas  such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and various programming languages like PHP or Java in which profound tool sets are highly needed. Each of these areas requires its own specified library or tool set. Considering the area of JavaScript it can be mentioned that there exist many different libraries like MooTools or JQuery, which support the developer with browser conform routines. The advantage of these libraries consists in the fact that the respective developer has access to established and widely tested routines. Consequently the programmer does not have to develop each function anew.