When you think about creating your own webpage, how do you go about designing the layout? Well, if you are confident with computers and like being creative, then there are tips and free software available on the internet. On the other hand you can contact a professional and experienced web designer to do the job for you.

After the web designer has taken your order, he or she will do a sketch of the webpage so you know what to expect. Sketches can be drawn on paper or created with the help of special software. The so-called comprehensive layout of your webpage is the layout design that will be presented to you before the actual content of the page is decided on and incorporated into the design. It is a kind of rough version which is used to show you where parts of text and corresponding images would be placed on the webpage.

When the general design has been approved by the client, the web designer starts working on the layout in more detail. A fundamental decision is that of using grids or templates, depending on how flexible the layout design has to be. Another important point that should be considered is how to include the corporate design of the client’s company, for example the logo. If there are already certain colours or shapes that are used in corporate design and logo, the webpage should correspond to these.

There are several skills used in graphic design: The use of visual arts creates graphic elements, typography deals with different typefaces and their arrangement on the page, a general page layout has to be created, and interface design or user experience design considers how the webpage works for users. One of the general rules in graphic design is that the focus should be on only a few main colours and typefaces. If there is a large variety of colours and typefaces, the user might be confused and the page might give the impression that there was no overall idea behind the layout. The structure of the page menu should also be well thought out in order that users easily find their way around the page and get to the subpages they are looking for.